Installing and Launching Ensemble Anthem

What is Ensemble Anthem?

Ensemble Anthem is a powerful Mac and Windows solution supporting your lecture capture, screen capture and flipped learning needs that easily integrates with your Ensemble Media Library (the platform which streams audio/video content like YouTube–without the ads). Ensemble Anthem enables you to easily record screen movements with audio, and/or record video from a webcam. Once you have finished your screen capture, it is automatically uploaded into your Ensemble Media Library and can be auto-published to any playlist or to your Nexus course website. If you need a personal or course Ensemble Media Library, please submit a request to the ITS Learning Technologies + Environments team.


You must have an account in Ensemble to use Anthem. If you don't have an account, please request one by contacting the Help Desk at


Logging In

Go to MyApps and login with your Union College Credentials. Chose "Ensemble Video" from the list.


Installing Ensemble Anthem 

To open Ensemble Anthem, click the [Record] button from the Media Library.

If the Record button is not available, contact the ITS Learning Technologies + Environments team.


install anthem mac


The first time you click the Record button, you are presented with a new window to download the Anthem application. 

Please allow up to 30 seconds for the application to detect and choose the proper installer before the download window appears!


Launching Ensemble Anthem

Once the Anthem application is installed, it can be launched directly from Windows/Mac without visiting the Ensemble web application.

To change the library that Anthem uploads to, revisit the Ensemble web application and click the Record button from that library.

Note: Anthem Pro should always be launched using the Record button when using a shared computer like a classroom computer.



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