Wordpress, known as Muse to the Union College community, is an online publishing platform for blogs, websites, learning portfolios, capstone projects, and more!

Adding a post:

Under [New] in the upper bar, choose [Post].

Creating clickable hyperlinks:

Making links look like this:

Source – Picture 1

Rather than this:


Is easy and simple:

Type out the text you would like to click in order to visit your link:

Highlight the text and click the hyperlink button in the editing toolbar:

Enter the URL you would like the link to lead to and click [Apply].

If you need to edit the link or remove it, click on the link and use the two buttons to the right of the URL preview:

Editing your profile:

Click on your name in the upper bar then choose [Edit My Profile]. From here you can change your profile picture as well as change your [Display Name] to something different.

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