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Copier: Faculty and Staff User Guide and MobilePrint User Guide

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The Equitrac Follow-You printing service will provide Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests secure copy, print, scan and fax operation on MultiFunctional Devices (MFP) across the Union College Campus. The embedded PCC (Print and Copy Control) application controls access to the MFP, requiring users to identify themselves in the form of a Union ID Card or Union College credentials, before the MFP is unlocked and ready for use. PCC communicates with the Equitrac tracking and accounting application on our network to validate authentication information and properly bill copies and prints back to the appropriate department or student account. Once successfully logged in, users can release print jobs, make copies, or scan documents to email or USB device.

New functionality includes:

Follow-You Printing

  • After successful login at the MFP, the user can access the virtual print queue to ‘pull’ a print job to this device.
  • Through the PCC Follow-You screen on the MFP, users can view documents in the queue, then select, delete, or release documents for printing.
  • Adds the ability to eliminate unauthorized printing and copying and protect document confidentiality with secure document release


Allows users to scan a document and email it to themselves only. Users can specify scan options (e.g. duplex, color, size) and document format prior to initiating a scan.


Click HERE to download the Users Guide. 

Click HERE to view the Public Workstation Guide 

Student Printing on Campus

There are B&W/color MFPs available in the library for $0.07 per page for black and white printing. Each student is allotted 100 free black and white printing pages an academic year. Students can also print color on the MFPs from any of the public computers located in the Learning Commons on the first floor of the Schaffer Library. It costs $.39 per page to print a color document. The Follow-You printing service uses the student ID card. Funds may be put on your account using the kiosks located in the Library.

If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.



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