Digital Studio: Room Availability

To check availability for each of the rooms within the Digital Studio (except the Faculty Computing Resource Center or FCRC), please see the room calendars below:

ConnectIT Lab

Isolation Booth

Production Studio

All rooms (except the FCRC) require a reservation and initial training before use. Please call Learning Technologies & Environments at xt6438 or through the ITS Service Catalog with the following information:

  • Who is making the reservation 
  • (please include if you are faculty/staff/student. If you are a student, please include the faculty or staff member who is sponsoring your use of the room.)
  • Purpose 
  • (e.g., academic/course related, non-academic, etc.)
  • Date and time
  • Room requested
  • If you have received prior training or not for requested room
  • Any additional media/equipment/services you may need

Note, the FCRC is open to all faculty on a first-come, first-serve basis during the normal Schaffer Library business hours. Faculty may stay within the FCRC after normal business hours, if needed. Union ID cards are required access to the rooms within the Digital Studio.

If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.

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