Embedding a Video from Ensemble into Nexus

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Ensemble is a video and audio streaming platform that Union supports.

Here's how to embed a video from your Ensemble Library into your Nexus site.




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What is Embedding?
Find the Embed Code on your Ensemble Video
Insert the Embed Code in your Nexus Site

NOTE: You must have an Ensemble account to upload and manage your videos. I you don't have an account, please submit a Help Desk ticket and start with THIS ARTICLE.



What is Embedding and What are the Advantages?

Embedding a video uses HTML code to install a player right in your course so that your content appears as part of the course. The content is hosted somewhere else, in this case Ensemble, and is being shown in your course. You do NOT have to know HTML coding to embed a video.

It's the difference between this:


And this: See YouTube video HERE.


Advantages to Embedding

  • It helps the content be easier to find among all of the other information on your page.
  • It makes your Nexus page more inviting and engaging.
  • Your students don't have to leave the Nexus site to watch an assigned video.
  • Services like Ensemble will optimize videos for watching on the web.



Find the Embed Code on your Ensemble Video

video embed button


  1. In Ensemble library, find your video and click on the [ </> Embed ] link just below the video.thumbnail. 




embed code window



  1. In the window that pops up, copy the entire code from the text box. Make sure you get the whole thing!


  1. Go to your Nexus site.





Insert the Embed Code into Your Nexus Site


  1. In your Nexus course, Turn editing On, and go the location where you'd like to embed the video.
  1. In the section, [Add an Activity or Resource] and then [Add a Page].
  1. Enter a Name for your page in the text box.
  1. In the Content section, click on the HTML icon   [ </> ].  A piece of code is already there that is for left -justifying the video. It really doesn't matter if you leave it there or delete it because your video will use the whole space. Place your cursor at the end of that code and hit Enter] to start a new line.
  1. Paste the Embed code from your Ensemble video in this space.

Image: Entering the embed code






  1. Click on the HTML icon again [</>] and you video will appear in your content box.

Image: video player in the page









  1. If you want to change the size of the player, [Turn editing on], and click on the HTML icon again [</>].

Find the line in your embed code that says width: 100%;  height: 100%, usually close to the bottom, and change the percentages. Be careful not to change any of the spaces or punctuation marks.

Image: changing the size of the viewer






Don't forget to scroll down and Save!



Find Additional articles about Ensemble HERE




If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk by emailing them at helpdesk@union.edu, through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.






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