Image: PebblePad logoPebblePad is our new eportfolio and personal learning platform that comes with a range of tools to help both learners and teachers plan, record, reflect on, and evidence their learning in interactive presentations.


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What is PebblePad and Why Should I Use it?
How to Access PebblePad
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What is PebblePad?

As a system, PebblePad contains two main components, Pebble+ and ATLAS.

Pebble+ is the Personal Learning Space and everyone who uses PebblePad has their own personal and private Pebble+ account. You will find tools to help create records of learning, experiences and achievements, and interactive presentations to showcase the students' learning journey. Everything created in Pebble+ is private unless you choose to share it with others.

ATLAS is the assessment space. Assets are submitted to Workspaces within ATLAS so that teachers and assessors can view them and add feedback, grades, approvals, etc. Note, at this time, ITS recommends you use Nexus to assess student work in Pebble+, not ATLAS. Please contact ITS LTE to get started setting up Pebble+ assignments in Nexus.

Why Use It?

For the Learner:

  • It can help demonstrate progress and development over time by recording learning experiences as evidence.
  • The learner can continue to use PebblePad after they have left Union College and use it to document learning and skill development. PebblePad can be used for other things like reflection and journaling, project management, research documentation, and professional portfolios.
  • PebblePad can build up a rich store of evidence. This evidence can then be used to support things like job applications, applications for promotion, professional portfolios, applications for registration, and reporting of ongoing professional development.
  • All students graduating from an education institution are able to open a free Alumni Account and take all of their work with them when they leave. Alumni Pebble+ accounts have all the functionality of institution accounts and learners can continue to edit and add to their Assets.

For the Instructor:

  • To introduce eportfolios into the curriculum.
  • To support reflective learning.
  • To take a more student-lead approach to teaching and learning.
  • To support the evidencing of competencies over time.
  • To support a future-ready agenda.
  • To teach and assess in ways not supported by Nexus.



How to Access PebblePad

Faculty, staff, and students can access Pebble+ through MyApps. In addition, faculty may also integrate Pebble+ assignments within Nexus courses. Faculty who want to learn how to integrate Pebble+ assignments in Nexus should contact ITS LTE to get started. We encourage you to also watch the New Ideas and Tools for Teaching WAC, which demonstrates a template site ITS has created, which you can modify and tailor for the needs of your course. If you want to just see the Nexus/Pebblepad integration you can scrub ahead on the timeline  to minute 39.



How to get Started with PebblePad


Navigation Bar Image: PeblePad navigation bar


Image: burger menuBurger Menu:  Opens a side menu with access to many parts of Pebble+ (click HERE for more on the burger menu)


mage: Navigation bar logoPebblePad logo - Returns you to the homepage of the product that you are in.


Image: Pebble+ logoPebble+ logo - Takes you to the Pebble+ homepage.


Image: Atlas logoATLAS logo - Takes you to your ATLAS dashboard. Avoid going to ATLAS unless specifically instructed by your faculty member.


mage: Search iconSearch - Opens a search tool in the sidebar where you can perform a keyword search for items in your Store.


Image: History iconHistory - Opens a list of the things you have been working on recently so that you can easily select and return to any one of these.


Image: Logut conLog out - Log out of PebblePad. You should always log out if you are intending to continue using PebblePad on a different device or machine.


The Basics

Watch the video, and then click on the links below to be directed to the PebblePad Support Pages:

Go HERE for the main PebblePad Help page, or click on the links below for specific information.

Creating Assetts
Edit, Preview, Save and Delete
Recovered Work
Printing and Exporting
Linking Evidence
Information Panel
Comments and Feedback
Your Store
Template Builder
Workbook Builder
Get Creative
PebblePocket App





If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.






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