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ITS provides all Union College students, faculty, and staff access to, an online subscription library that teaches the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality instructional videos.


Benefits to using include:

  • Unlimited access to courses on a wide variety of technologies and disciplines
  • Up-to-date content to keep skills current and to learn new skills
  • New courses added every week
  • Tutorials taught by recognized industry experts
  • Access to instructors’ exercise files to follow along as you learn
  • Closed captioning and searchable, time-coded transcripts
  • Beginner to advanced courses
  • The option to watch complete courses or bite-size videos as you need them

For more information on logging into your account, creating a playlist, and sharing training videos with others please see the support documentation below.

Watch this introductory video about the service.

How to use course.

Login Instructions (PDF)

Creating a Playlist (PDF)

Sharing Your Playlist (PDF)


If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog or call (518) 388-6400.




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