How to Install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop (for Windows)


This article outlines the process for installing Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop on Windows systems. This allows you to manage the Adobe applications you want to use.


1. Navigate to the download page for Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop (Note: These instructions were written for the Google Chrome browser).










2. Click on the blue download button at the top right.

3. When the download is complete double click on the installer.




4. If prompted by User Account Control, confirm making changes.

5. Once the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app has been installed, click on "Sign in with an Enterprise ID."









6. In the box that says, "Email address or domain name" enter, leave the password field blank, and hit "enter." The Union Single Sign-on screen will appear. Enter your Union credentials and click "Sign in."


7. You are now logged into Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop. Select "Apps."









8. From here you can install, uninstall, update, and manage the Adobe Creative Cloud apps that you want loaded on your computer.

9. Note: You can only be logged into Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop on two (2) computers concurrently.



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