iPhone Battery Saving Tips


Battery saving tips for your iPhone.


Here is a list of options which can be changed to increase battery life.

Check Battery usage: Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage

1. Update iOS software. Settings > General > Software Update

2. Disable AirDrop. Swipe up from your home screen, then tap AirDrop select Off.

3. Disable Background App Refresh. Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Disable any unnecessary Apps.

4. Disable Automatic Downloads for Music, Apps and Books. Settings > iTunes & App Store

5. Disable Location Services. Settings > Privacy > Location Services Disable items or turn off completely.

6. Disable auto-brightness and adjust manually. Settings > Display & Brightness

7. Disable diagnostic data to Apple. Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage and select Don’t Send.

8.  Disable Parallax. Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

9.  Turn on WiFi when available.

10. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

11. Set auto-lock to lower setting. Settings > General > Auto-Lock, set to 1 minute.

12. Close Apps after use. Double-press the Home Button or Swipe up halfway on your screen, holding your finger on the screen and swipe up to close Apps.

Download the PDF on Battery saving tips



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