2-Step Verification for Google Apps

Two-step verification provides an additional layer of security to help prevent unauthorized access to your Union College Google Apps account which includes Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google Apps for Education services. Follow the step below to configure your verification.

IMPORTANT: Users who do not own cell phones or do not regularly carry one with you, please DO NOT enable 2-step verification at this time. ITS will provide further information for this situation in the near future.


Note: Voice and data charges from your cellular service provider may apply when 2-step verification is enabled. Please review your plan documentation and check with your service provider for further details.


1. Sign into your Union College Google account with your Union credentials here: https://accounts.google.com.

Note: You must be using a web browser to complete this process. If you are already logged into Union College mail in a web browser, please start at Step 2.

You may be prompted to add a recovery phone number if you have not set one up already for your Union College Google Apps for Education account. Please add your primary cell phone number using the guided prompts that Google provides.

Image: icon photo location


2. If you are already logged into Union College mail in a web browser, click your account icon in the top right hand corner of your email.

In the pop-up box that appears, click the blue [Google Account] button.  Image: Google Account button



Image: Google Account Security link





3. On the Google Account page, in the menu on the left side of the page, click [Security].          






Image:Google  Signing in


4. In the Signing in to Google section, find the [2-step Verification] box and click on the gray button to turn ON.



Image: Google 2-step Review and Start




5. Review the information provided in the 2-step verification overview and then click [GET STARTED]

You may be prompted for your password to confirm secure access.





Image: 2-step verification phone entry screen



6. Enter your primary cell phone number including your area code, and choose method of receiving codes (text message recommended).

Then click [Next] button.  







Image: Cofirmation screen


7. Look for a six-digit code to be sent to your cell phone, enter that code in the space provided, and click on [NEXT].

There are occasionally delays in receiving text messages of at most a couple of minutes.





Image: 2-Step Verification Confirmation


8. You'll receive a confirmation screen letting you know that your code works, and you're asked if you want to turn on this security feature. Click [YES] to turn on 2-Step Verification.




Image: 2-step verification On/Off




9. In this final screen, you have the opportunity to turn the 2-Step Verification off. If you choose to leave it turned om (recommended), you can now proceed to your email application.



When your 2-Step Verification in turned on, you will not be prompted for a code for signing into any Google Apps for Education service for 30 days on this device. You will still be prompted for codes to log into your account on any un-verified device.







If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please contact the Help Desk through the ITS Service Catalog, email HelpDesk@union.edu, or call (518) 388-6400.


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