Telephone User Guides

The following articles will help you set up and manage your office phone:
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Desk Phone User Guides

How to Forward All Calls from Your Phone
How to Cancel a Phone Transfer and Redirect to a new Number
How to Change Your Background Image
How to Transfer a Live Call Directly to Voicemail
Setting Up and Using Speed Dials
Using Your Phone Intercom

Remote Workers User Guides

Adding Contacts to Your Personal Directory and Accessing via Your Phone
How to Call-Forward Your Phone from Off-Campus
Installing and Using the Cisco Jabber app on an iPhone
Installing and Using the Cisco Jabber app on an Android
Using the Cisco Jabber Softphone on a PC/Mac
How to End the Cisco Jabber App Background Process

Misc. User Guides

Conference Speakerphone Setup (with Conferencing option)
New 518 Area Code Dialing Procedures
Telephone Headset Prices

Here are the quick reference guides with the more commonly used features and functions of Cisco (VOIP) Telephones. To determine what model Cisco phone you have, press the settings button on your phone (looks like a gear), scroll and select Phone Information tab. You will see the model number preceded by CP-XXXX. Hit the return key then exit tab to get to the home screen.

If you need assistance, please contact the office of Telecommunications at 518.388.6411 or


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