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Acadly is a student student response platform with Zoom and Nexus integration that helps professors deliver engaging lectures and record attendance at the tap of a button.



We are now doing a pilot with Acadly and we have two spots still open for testers. If you are interested in joining the pilot, please contact us by submitting a TDX ticket through the Help Desk or through the ITS Service Catalog.


On This Page:

Setting up your course
The Interface
Your Timeline
The Lecture Page
Adding Activities

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Setting Up Your Course

From your My Courses page:

  1. Click the [Add button] on your My Courses page.  Image: Acadly Add button
  2. Select [Add a New Course] .      



Image: new course settings



  1. Enter course name and course code.
  1. Select Course Timezone, Start Date, and End date.
  1. Select [Add a Weekly Class].
  1. Enter your weekly class schedule.






Image: Inviting co teachers screen



  1. Invite Co-Instructors and Teaching Assistants (or skip).








Image: student invitations options



  1. Select how you want to enroll students - by invitation, or by code.







Image: publish course

  1. Publish your course.





  1. Enroll StudentsImage: add student emails



  • To enroll by invitation, add students' email addresses.







Image: Join Code



  • To enroll students by code, share Join Code with students. 







Click HERE for more information on setting up your course.



The Interface

The Acadly interface is comprised of 4 nested pages:
My Courses > Course Timeline > Lecture Page > Activity Pages

  • "Home" or the "My Courses" page: All your courses, present and past are available on the My Courses page.

  • The Course Timeline: Courses are structured as a timeline of lectures on Acadly, and most kinds of activities reside on these lecture pages. Apart from Lectures, you can also share Announcements and Assignments on the timeline.

  • The Lecture Page: The lecture page has a Pre-class Activities and an In-class Activities section and the Attendance tab. Should be self-explanatory about their purpose.

  • Activity Pages: There are five kinds of activities - Quiz, Poll, Discussion, Resource (content like files and videos) and Query (these are student-generated, unlike the others).


The Chat  

Find the chat thread for the course, as a whole, on your right.Image: chat icon
On both the lecture pages and the activity pages, you can always find the Chat on the right.



Find the Analytics for your course or activity by clicking on the Analytics icon.Image: Analytics icon
On both the lecture pages and the activity pages, you can always find the Analytics for your course by clicking on the icon at the top



Click HERE for more information on the Acadly Interface.


Your Timeline

Tapping on a course on the My Courses page takes you to your course page, which is structured as a timeline. 

The timeline can have three kinds of elements:

  • Lectures
  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • All other kinds of activities - Polls, Quizzes, Discussions, Learning Resources and Queries (student-generated) aren't on the timeline, but inside the respective lectures.

The timeline is created when you setup your course and it can be modified. You can add, delete and reschedule your lectures any time.


Click HERE for more information about your timeline.


The Lecture Page

Tap on a lecture in your timeline to get to the Lecture Page.

There are four sections on every Lecture page:

  • Pre-class activities - This section contains activities students need to do before the lecture, and any queries students post before the lecture begins
  • In-class activities - This section contains activities students need to do during the lecture, and any queries students post during the lecture
  • Review Queries - This section contains queries students post after the lecture is over
  • Summary - This section contains files and links that you share with students after the lecture. You cannot post activities like polls and quizzes in the Lecture Summary.


Click HERE for more information about the Lecture Page.


Adding Activities

There are 7 kinds of activities on Acadly.

5 of these activities can be added to lectures:

  • Polls - Just a poll. Submitting anonymous answers is available.
  • Quizzes - Automatically graded assessments.
  • Discussions - Instructor-initiated discussions.
  • Resources (or content) - Files, videos and links.
  • Student queries - Only students can initiate a "Student" query.

The other 2 activities can be added directly to the timeline:

  • Announcements
  • Assignments - Manually graded assessments.


Creating and Publishing Activities

To create an activity on a course page or lecture page:

  • Tap the add icon on the lecture page.
  • Select the kind of activity you want to share - pre-class or in-class
  • In the following menu, select the kind of activity you want to share - Poll, Quiz, Resource or Discussion
  • Edit the necessary fields for the activity
  • Click on the Publish button in the upper right corner. You'll still be able to go back to your activity, but it won't visible to students until you publish.

Image: Publish bittonb





Click HERE for more information on Adding Activities.


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If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please send an email to the Help Desk or submit a ticket through the ITS portal.






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