Registering with a Network Account on an iOS Device

Step 1

On the home screen select “Settings



Step 2

Under “Settings” select “Wi-Fi”

Step 3

Under “Wi-Fi” select “union”.

Step 4

When prompted, enter password “UNION1795” and select “Join”


Step 5

Once the password is entered, and “Join” is selected, “union” should now be connected.

Step 6

Once connected, return to the home screen and click “Safari”. In the address bar type “”.

Step 7

Once you enter “” in the address bar, you will be redirected to an isolation page. Please wait until redirected to the next page.

Step 8

Click “Agree” on the Acceptable Use Policy page.

Step 9

On the next page, select “START” next to “Users who have a Network account”.

Step 10

Next, enter your Union credentials in the username and password boxes. Once entered click “Download”.

Step 11

Once you enter your credentials you will see a “SUCCESS” page. You are now connected to Union wifi

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